Sunday, 20 May 2012

Dorset Arts Week at Orchard Park......

Several of us from the North Dorset area of Dorset Arts Week spent time last saturday demonstrating  aspects of our working practise.....  here am I showing iPad drawing which people found very interesting and instructive.  Just to remind you that Robert Paley and I are opening our studios and gallery next week - venue 268 /281....  more about this later

Below is Kate Toms (venue now 286/298) showing her machine embroideryAnd here is Graham Nolan ( venue 273) - who is also showing his beautiful pots at ZMMA in Shaftesbury, with me Charlie Baird, Rob Woolner and Anne Hitchcock...  who makes beautiful ....   sewn images ....  I will have to ask her to send me an image to show here.

The ZMMA exhibition is very interesting and I will post about it when I have some images......


Thursday, 17 May 2012

>NOWNESS - this is how I want to be ... ( or maybe I am already)

I must thank whoever it was that led me to this  video ... do watch .... just for fun!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


'there is nothing clever about not being happy' Arnaud Desjardins

I keep a file with some of my favourite poems and sayings on my desktop - and have been looking through it while having a brief pause in activity - too much going on with preparation for DORSET ART WEEKS and ....   I have so many beautiful poems - what gifts they are....   Rumi is one I may just add here

Time to go Home


Late and starting to rain, it's time to go home
We've wandered long enough  in empty buildings.
I know it's tempting to stay and meet those new people.
I know it's even more sensible
to spend the night here with them,
but I want to go home.

We've seen enough beautiful places with signs on them
saying This is God's House
That's seeing the grain like the ants do,
without the work of harvesting.
Let's leave grazing to cows and go
where we know what everyone really intends,
where we can walk around without clothes on.

This speaks to me so much and expresses how I feel about this landscape ....

and this one too - I can almost imagine doing a painting of this subject ...

The Baler - Seamus Heaney


All day the clunk of a baler
Ongoing, cardiac-dull,
So taken for granted

It was evening before I came to
To what I was hearing
And missing: summer’s richest hours

As they had been to begin with,
Fork-lifted, sweated-through
And nearly rewarded enough

By the giddied-up race of a tractor
At the end of the day
Last-lapping a hayfield.

But what I also remembered
As woodpigeons sued at the edge
Of thirty gleaned acres

And I stood inhaling the cool
In a dusk Eldorado
Of mighty cylindrical bales

Was Derek Hill’s saying,
The last time he sat at our table,
He could bear no longer to watch

The sun going down
And asking please to be put
With his back to the window.


Thursday, 10 May 2012


I have put this on my Facebook page - while my blog was being updated .... and/but I like it so much that I am including it here.  Thank you   Nina Katchadourian....   she has done some amazing other things too .... no doubt I will show you them too .....  xxxP


I obviously don't have enough to do - I spent time doing this for my ....profile page on TWITTER???

Actually its also a practise blog too......!


Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Adam Zombory-Moldovan invites you to the launch event of ZMMA's new Architecture Studio and Gallery in Shaftesbury.
Adam Zombory Moldovan came to visit me last week to choose a painting to go in this mixed show of artists he admires.  The show  is  curated by Anne Hitchcock and I think it will really be interesting...   it  is very good when people who have a real eye and also opinions about things visual take an interest in one's work...



It is an interesting choice?   The white abstract, that people may be surprised to find out was painted by me - is something that I do from time to time....  I have often said I feel that of the points of being a painter or an artist is the excitement of doing things differently!  Experimenting....   trying something out and seeing if it works - or how it works.   Sometimes it just dosnt!  tant pis!

And sometimes it does, and one comes back to have another go - from a slightly different place...



Wednesday, 2 May 2012


This morning I went to the Stour View Day Centre for the Elderly and Disabled of the local area,in Sturminster Newton.    Stephen Hopcroft  who is the centre manager had seen the article  about  my iPad drawings in the Blackmore Vale Magazine and asked me if I would go and give a demonstration there.

Stephen told me that the University of Worcester has done a study of touch screen technology and the benefits different apps have for people with dementia and their helpers .....  and identifies how different apps help to improve the quality of life for people .....   might be us one day!

The dreadful thing is BT class the centre as a service so they have to pay business rates for telephone and broadband ....  like so many things - awareness needs to be raised on this.  Maybe more later?


Phyllis Wollf and Robert Paley

Here is our joint entry showing our venue details in DAW 2102 brochure - we both have studios and work showing paintings, prints, and drawings - please do drop in

VENUE 281 in the DAW 2012 catalogue

Since Phyllis moved deeper into rural Dorset, under the mound of Melbury Hill her personal association with the landscape has become more intense, with an obsessive need to paint and draw the essence of Melbury. Using her distinctive palette she joyously records the garden and ponds they have created.” Tony Birks-Hay in ‘Colourscapes’, Phyllis’ book. Robert continues to paint his atmospheric watercolours and now he uses oils to movingly interpret the Scottish Highlands, Dorset and Europe. Studio and gallery in superb location. Pub and tearoom nearby, Bring picnic? Please contact for information about Commissions visits or classes.

Hawkcombe, Hawkcombe Lane, Compton Abbas, Nr Shaftesbury, Dorset SP7 0JH

t. 01747 812610

Dorset Art Weeks

Please take a look at my solo entry which highlights the artistic possibility of the iPad in the new 2012 DAW brochure ... all welcome to see my collection of work created using this revolutionary piece of kit.


Today I looked at the seedlings in my greenhouse, and this year's cosmos are really ready to go out, likewise the sweet peas and nicotianas etc ....   but is it safe with all this wind about?  Robert thinks his broccoli is getting leggy....


Misty Melbury & Flowers 80 x 80 cm   SOLD

I also put some varnish on these two paintings from  last summer's profusion .....  they are now at the framers ...    This rain is so necessary, but it is a bit tough isnt it?   I am going be resident artist on an ark with Jane Garvey ( woman's hour)  .....   we arranged it on twitter!

August Border I oil/canvas 60 X 60 cm