Wednesday, 30 January 2013


this is a link to the very useful link that Rob Frost who did my website has directed me to .... so I now know how to re size the pixels in images of my paintings ....   does that make sense?   Rob can be contacted -   

I guess the web will offer information on almost anything - we have used it for skinning and gutting a rabbit ( the dog caught) and the meaning of biometric - a discussion this pm on identity cards and big brother ....    what an amazing world we  live in ....   unless you live in Syria or Mali or ........

I give thanks that I was born when and where I was!  

A picture of my knitting to go with this I think!

People are often surprised to learn that I knit .....   I dont know why ....   I dont follow patterns as such - just make it up as a I along ...  and am learning all the time of course.   Sitting with my feet up, cats and knitting and a story or play on the wonderful beeb....    or iplayer ....
Who else loves the radio?

Renowned British colourist to showcase her art to the world....

This is a cutting from the Saudi Gazette .... it was put in on my behalf by Tim Saunders, of Creative Coverage....     it coincides with a picture of the Poppies IV that has appeared in Box Magazine - an online 'lifestyle' magazine - the article is by Emma Moir....  just so's you know!

DO YOU KNOW YOUR ART?     this is an online lifestyle magazine and this was written by Emma Moir of Box Galleries.

Thursday, 24 January 2013


I cant believe that I am posting this - its bad enough that I - Robert and I are besotted with these ridiculous animals - and here they are intruding on my professional world....    But there you are - I adore them, and they are very good at posing!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Maybe the reason I have been so dilatory (?sp) in blogging in recent months is sometimes dosnt technology get you down?   Trying to do this logo f'rinstance...  and the one above - I have tried to put some text beneath it - first using Pages - but I couldnt find how to crop the page - so half of the 'image' would be white, and then in photoshop .... and the uploader cant recognise a psd ...  so I am on the look out for someone to give me a few lessons please... also about re sizing in photoshop so I can upload images to my website, using Contribute..

any ideas?

End of a successful show in Wimbledon...

and on to the next ...   Studio 106 Gallery,  Dawes Road from this Sunday, 27 January....  more information very soon.

Monday, 21 January 2013

COLLYER'S BROOK Springhead.....

This is one of a series of recent paintings - I have it hanging on our kitchen wall!  More paintings - maybe of snow- to follow!

                      Colllyer's Brook, Springhead 75 x 60