Monday, 29 July 2013

A NEW SLANT......a bit of fun.... a few knitted flowers....

I have been advised to keep my blog entirely professional ......  stick to painting and keep it impersonal ...but - after a long time I am getting bored with the restrictions .... so here is some sillyness ---- and my knitted flowers????

You like?

and I have more ...many more, in bright and also pale pink and roses too....

another time maybe.

Monday, 15 July 2013


I have a £40 Sensu portable artist brush and stylus for touchscreen devices here in Dorset, available free for you -

I was sent it by the editor of The Artist magazine in order that I write a review about it.   I have tried and cannot honestly say that I can really endorse it - its probably just me being difficult ( unusual you might say!)  anyway - Dr Sally Bulgin has asked me to try to find someone who can collect it and write a 700 word piece that is broadly positive + 3/4 drawings made on the iPad and you will also get paid…

The catch is - she really needs the copy by the end of July.

Please circulate this to as many people that you think might be interested ….. I have raided my addresses book but do not feel like sending to everyone!

Thanks v much and enjoy the sun!

Sunday, 14 July 2013

SAATCHI GALLERY - a wonderful drawing

A friend sent me this drawing - taken with her clever little iphone !  of a fantastic experience she had at the Saatchi gallery ....   I dont know who the artist was and wish I did...  it almost makes me willing to leave peaceful beautiful Dorset to go and see it.  I am sure it will good for me!

More blogging soon - re paintings delivered to Winchester and also ....  more excitement ....