Sunday, 28 August 2011


Oh dear, I have finally got round to updating my website and messed it up... oh well ....   I have made some great flans and two apple cakes today, and nearly finished this picture so I dont feel too bad!  It will get sorted out soon....

Thursday, 18 August 2011


I sold these three paintings over ten years ago - and during a recent visit to Wales my husband was able to take photographs of them ...  I am especially fond of the first one of our old garden in Shaftesbury.  You can even see the tower of St Peter's church .... my love of painting gardens goes back a long way! 

This is the view from Fontmell Down the last time there were poppies there - about 1995? 

 And below is my favourite Cowparsley from Frenchmill Lane....  

  And this is my favourite Cowparsley from Frenchmill Lane....  

Saturday, 13 August 2011


  It was   three oclock when I finally got out to paint yesterday!   What is it with 
all the 'things that have to be done'  ???  Just the tasks that we all have to get done to keep life afloat....   and then some others too - I think it does take  a conscious decision to do the things that are really important and focus on that....

In consequence maybe I just grabbed at this view in desperation - it is so lovely being out - not sure what this picture will be like.  I think the house is too dominant - too big probably.   I left the car up in the field so will see what I can do today.   Here is a photo of two of my companions !

Thursday, 11 August 2011


It is really great to be painting again -  it feels such a treat, like a kid out of school!  After the show at Ashley Wood last month I have spent my time catching up with all the things that have been neglected while I was taken up with preparation for the exhibition (76 paintings, and the 80 page book!)   

The event  was a great success but/and it is such a joy to be painting again! This painting below is nearly finished - and since it looks like it is going to be fine I shall stop this and go and get on with it and the other one I started last night!

    untitled as yet!60 x 60 cm