Thursday, 26 June 2014


Getting going after the upheaval of Art Weeks is great.   Its like coming home after - not a holiday, unless its a really hard working one! I can meet myself and my paints and brushes in my special place - my studio which is restored to itself, like me!   Lots of energy with these new things - big painted screens.  I like the decorative arts.   

 Meadow and Prayer Flags painted folding screen, 3 x 1.50 oil/canvas

Map of Mystery painted folding screen, 3 x 1.50 oil/canvas unfinished, (two sided painted screen)  what to put on the other side?   

Thursday, 13 March 2014

STEPHEN FRIEDMAN of the FRIEDMAN GALLERY GIVES ADVICE- " I think the maps are beautiful....."

"I do really like the direction of the new work and I think the maps are beautiful. For me, aesthetically, I 
Mupe Bay, Lulworth, Dorset  oil on canvas 80 x 80 cm  unfinished  

prefer the abstracted ones where you let loose a little on colour and composition........     I also think you should continue a few of the oversized maps too........., remember also to experiment and be instinctive." 
Stephen Friedman, Friedman Gallery, London W1S 3AN, 

It is really such a huge support when when is trying something unknown to have this sort of support and encouragement - especially from such a knowledgeable person as Stephen who has galleries in London and New York.   

Saturday, 11 January 2014


A quick post before 'the Bridge'!   here are three pics of my recent paintings - it is true that I only facilitate and the painting that I began today  of Brownsea Island is beginning to speak of where we are going ..... does that make sense?   Its good enough for now anyway....  I have that painting proped up against a purple pond painting and I can see where I am going now....    well I wont go on now - here are the pics!

Brownsea Island 62 x 92 unfinished 

                           colours over zig zag 76 x 76 cm unfinished 

Chesil before the storm 76 x 38 cm  unfinished 

Tuesday, 7 January 2014


……..    and I am still  unsure as to why I am making them ….. !    I have written before about the necessity of following one's instinct and not being rational about painting - getting out of the way and allowing things to happen without the bossy left brain organising and showing the way in a sensible manner ….. and here is where I have been led.   Robert says that people will copy me - and I shouldn't put them on the blog - and its happened before - being copied I mean.   Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery I know!   
The photos are taken with my iPhone - which isn't the best but I reckon is pretty good.   I meant to submit some of these images to DAW cover competition - but what with doing my tax ( done! hooray) and other things, that got undone!  Oh well…..  !  back to the studio tomorrow,  and the newest painting which isn't here …….. lots of ideas waiting to happen.  Exciting! 

Frenchmill to Hawkcombe 1 acrylic/paper 1.86 x 86 cm

Colour over Zig Zag oil/canvas unfinished76 x 76cm 

Hawkcombe's where my heart is…. acrylic/paper 1.25 x 1. 50cm

Thursday, 28 November 2013


….  it is taking shape its own way ……?  I have had this  particular idea bubbling away in my head for about 8 or 9 years - ever since Robert and I bought Hawkcombe Cottage. 

               LARGE MAP - acrylic on paper 1.5 x 1.25  ?nearly finished state. 

 I have long wanted to describe the Journey from our old house in Frenchmill Lane to  what was a building site and is now our home.   

SQUARE MAP 50 X 60 mixed media/paper

All of us are on a journey of course and the external can be a symbol for  the internal. So in a literal and metaphorical sense this idea has long been with me!

The actual catalyst was the practical  need to be able to identify the field where a cow or sheep was needing attention came to a head and I began with doing a map for Compton Abbas and Twyford Villages with the field names - I am gathering  contributions from various people who know the local landscape well - I have already a sense that the names of the fields change over the years.   

I will be taking the maps to the Village Hall on the morning of  Saturday December 7 to show people and to gather more names.

Monday, 4 November 2013


I have had a really satisfying day - the first volume of Hanon's exercises completed + my scales - no pieces today!  …. then the rest of the day in the studio- no emails ( many will be relieved !) or other office work - a lovely late afternoon walk and back into the studio to finish off - and stretch another canvas for tomorrow…..   when James Thrift, the Dorset MacMan visits to sort out the inevitable Mac problems ……  it aint a bad life!

RED MELBURY unfinished   65 x 90  with thanks to Bill Mills
I am really pleased and excited with this painting - it isn't there yet - 'but its getting there' ( Robert says that's Dylan and its It aint dark yet …….)  if only I can loosen up …….????

  Red Beeches oil/canvas  75 x 90 cm  This painting has been hanging around in the studio unresolved for a long time - I think today I finally managed to borrow something from the previous one and finish it …. yup - its done …..! Of course the solo show in Dorchester has been on my mind for months - now it is only 12 months away - a huge space and I don't want any 'fillers' I want all important paintings - is that unrealistic I wonder?

Beeches on the Downs II  60 x 70 cm a little painting - I just like it!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013


This is the flyer for an exhibition where I am showing in London's Brick Lane.

I have also sent three new paintings to The Minster Gallery, Winchester, Hants

Saturday, 19 October 2013


I hope I am not breaking copywrite - I think Calman was so clever witty compassionate perceptive - well, I just love these and want to share them - they come from the book mentioned above - which is out of print?  WHY?

I would have bought so many copies if I could, and my copy is held together with an elastic band ......  I would love to put them on Twitter, but am not sure how....  or pinterest, now I think I can do that!

More about my Rajasthan tour next post!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


The new Arts Centre Gallery in Shaftesbury is a really lovely space and I was very pleased to be asked to exhibit there.    As an artist it is not a taken that a gallery with a good 'pedigree' also has a fabulous space to support the work.  Kate Pickard ( and others ) have worked really hard, I mean really hard, as volunteers, to provide Shaftesbury with a first rate space.  I hope they are able to find work of a first rate order to show, and thus earn a reputation of real quality.    Democracy and Elitism .... where is the balance, and I vote for both! 

 Hawthorne on the Downs 80 x 80 cm

                                       Mirabelles VI 60 x 90 cm

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

COLOURSCAPES of RAJASTHAN.... with Phyllis Wolff

Do come with us this winter - when the skies are grey and heavy with rain.  When the harsh winds blow and its a long slog ahead til Spring! ( you get the idea?)

This is the poster for the painting trip to Rajasthan I have been busy organising with Yasin at Indus Travel.  I am very excited about it because we have managed to include nearly everything I wanted -  time spent in the fantastic National Museum " overview of the last 5000 years inc. artefacts from the Harrappan Civilisation, cental Asian antiquities, mesmerising collection of jewel-bright miniatures......" (tis lonely planet!) ... I will blog separately about other delights later!   I dont know how to post the pdf in a more readable way .... so am just going to put it up like this.     It just means you have to scroll to see the whole thing, but thats ok?

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A WOLFF in the LANDSCAPE....! by Robin Capon

This is an article from the DORSET Magazine.  Beautifully written by Robin Capon, who can really write!  Thank you Robin, I feel it expresses the truth.....I unable to put this up bigger at this point - please email me for PDF.

Monday, 12 August 2013


This is a photograph of a portrait head made by my friend Tony Birks-Hay.  It is a wonderful example of where sculpture and painting meet, as I look at it I can see the planes that Tony would paint....  I think it is beautiful ....  This is 'in the clay' it is being cast in bronze at the moment.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

COLOURSCAPES of RAJASTHAN.... come with us......

Yasin Zagar of Indus Experiences and I are just putting the final touches to our painting trip to Rajasthan ... and can't contain my excitement any longer so I am putting this up on the blog.....  

The painting above is actually of some women from Karnataka - and was made when Robert and I were on holiday in Goa .....

I dont have any pre conceived ideas about what and how I will paint and draw in India proper.   We shall go to the National Museum in Delhi as one of our first sorties - I love to draw in museums ( did some really interesting things in Cairo Museum for instance ) and it seems like a good place to start and acclimatise ones self ... and also I want to learn a little about this amazing county!   Museums are a good place to start! 

I will have to have a lesson in how to blog from my iPad .....  and mmmmmm. lots of other exciting things!  More very soon - and oh - I nearly forgot - well will have to talk about that in another post!

Monday, 29 July 2013

A NEW SLANT......a bit of fun.... a few knitted flowers....

I have been advised to keep my blog entirely professional ......  stick to painting and keep it impersonal ...but - after a long time I am getting bored with the restrictions .... so here is some sillyness ---- and my knitted flowers????

You like?

and I have more ...many more, in bright and also pale pink and roses too....

another time maybe.

Monday, 15 July 2013


I have a £40 Sensu portable artist brush and stylus for touchscreen devices here in Dorset, available free for you -

I was sent it by the editor of The Artist magazine in order that I write a review about it.   I have tried and cannot honestly say that I can really endorse it - its probably just me being difficult ( unusual you might say!)  anyway - Dr Sally Bulgin has asked me to try to find someone who can collect it and write a 700 word piece that is broadly positive + 3/4 drawings made on the iPad and you will also get paid…

The catch is - she really needs the copy by the end of July.

Please circulate this to as many people that you think might be interested ….. I have raided my addresses book but do not feel like sending to everyone!

Thanks v much and enjoy the sun!

Sunday, 14 July 2013

SAATCHI GALLERY - a wonderful drawing

A friend sent me this drawing - taken with her clever little iphone !  of a fantastic experience she had at the Saatchi gallery ....   I dont know who the artist was and wish I did...  it almost makes me willing to leave peaceful beautiful Dorset to go and see it.  I am sure it will good for me!

More blogging soon - re paintings delivered to Winchester and also ....  more excitement ....

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

CREATIVE COVERAGE... Just to let everyone know that I am no longer represented by this organisation...

..... if there are any images of me or my work they are in breach of copywrite.   I hope by this time that Tim Saunders will have removed all of my images & information from his website.    

Friday, 12 April 2013

MOTHER-TO-BE..... and a first for me....

This is a painting of a young woman I know .... it is painted from a photograph,  ....

I have never done this before ... and it has taken a long time for me to finally give it a try.   The little girl who was 'on the inside' will be four years old this May!   And she has a little brother.  The young mum - who wanted a painting of herself - was too tired to sit for me when I arrived with my paints, so we agreed that I would take photos and see what happened....

The picture is still in the early stages ....  and I am unclear how much of a real protrait will be possible ....   we will see....  it may turn out just to be a pleasant painting...  which is done from a photograph and thus has no real ... life or validity...

                                        Third stage 

The second stage .....  

 This was the first stage .... but the figure was not placed correctly .... too big for the canvas so I had to rub it out and begin again...

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Beech Wood with Bluebells... 80 x 80 cm

This is another 'not quite finished' painting - also a photograph taken in electirc light so it isnt brilliant.....   why am I so impatient?  
    Beech trees and bluebells - unfinished - 80 x 80 cm

  .....   Dunno!  don't care!  Off to play the piano in a mo - just time to say I had a lovely chat with Wendy Barber last night - and we both talked about having to accept that 'outward bound' painting is a thing of the past ... If I use my energy in girding my loins and going out - I dont have the energy to paint! 

So working in the studio becomes the norm....  and we both agreed that the years of going out mean that the landscape and our response to it is deep inside us, and painting inside allows something else to happen..... a very interesting discussion that deserves much more time and thought than I am giving it here....  more later,Wendy please note...  I really valued out discussion and look forward to speaking when you return from Texas!   

Check out Wendy Barber's blog .... I am sure if you google that you will find her - .... more anon I promise!