Monday, 13 February 2012

FIELDFARE .... IPAD DRAWINGS in art studio and brushes....

the two drawings/paintings above were done on artstudio app. the one below on the Brushes app - the one that David Hockney uses.   We are going to see the show on saturday - very much looking forward to it.  I have to say that I prefer the art studio app - you can sort of mix the colours on the page ... ah well, its all fun!

My computer has not been behaving so it seems like a long time since I last made a post ....  But here are some more drawings, of a fieldfare that the cat brought in.  We don't think she killed it - it was totally un marked except for the cut on its breast....

Sunday, 5 February 2012


Phew, what a day .... been learning quite a lot about twitter, and realising how difficult my hand is making life.... ah well

 - also just done an 'empathy drawing' I remember how Trevor Felcey ( RCA)  - a fabulous painter friend who is worth looking up -  talked about.    When (at the age of 35 ish I went back to college at the Byam Shaw, to own up to being a painter after all, or not...   after having three babies , being a Common woman from Greenham and employed as Dorset  Peace Worker by the Quakers...being arrested etc ) where was I?  Oh yes, on the top of a Clapham omnibus I remember Trevor  talking about empathy drawings and I told him about leaving my first husband, and running away with the painting tutor....   oy vey....  a long time ago.   

so ... Empathy drawings...  well one reason I paint I guess is because some things don't fit into words.....   talking to Elizabeth Speller.... are you listening?

empathy drawing on iPad one sunday eve ... 

Saturday, 4 February 2012


One of the  things I am learning is that if I want my hands to do another 30+ years, then I have to take resting it/them seriously.  And doing 'proper' painting always involves my poor left hand ...   so the iPad has been a great stand in...

These pictures are fairly self explanatory - above is one cat! below the view of Frenchmill Lane that I lived with for ...30 years.  I did it whilst visiting a very dear friend.....    
Cats again, !!!

..and the last two - the snow that we had in North Dorset today - Coco looking our of the window at the snowy landscape,  and an  oak tree we can see from the house.   I hope the snow  settles and lasts for a bit... I love the way the landscape looks ... transformed magically, and the painting opportunities it offers.   
I have been using the Brushes app, with these drawings, because I thought the colour was better/easier ... but actually I am not so sure looking at what I have done with both apps ( art studio being the other) and I like the wet paint brush in a.s. .... and the easy 'fill' and there is something a tad cumbersome about the way the brush tool changes .... still its good to practise and be comfortable with both.  Not like pencil on real paper though, or paint! 
But I bet Matisse would have used it, and Picasso and maybe Cezanne and Monet too?  Whadya think? 

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


I spent over two hours in the physio/plastic surgery dept of what we used to call Odstock today....  and had the attention of two very highly trained and committed therapists, who have given me exercises to do and made me a special splint ... so I can go on painting, playing the piano and making marmalade for the next 30 years, ....  I just feel so grateful for this service and ...whilst Megan was making the new splint I did this quick drawing.  I think that the colours on Brushes are much better and have been experimenting...  a waiting room drawing follows...

this is with studio    

  and this is with Brushes, which, as I said, I think the choice of colours is much better....  as with all these things, one has to practice, which I will do!