Tuesday, 1 November 2011


 OCTOBER FLOWERS  26 X 20 cm  oil/board

MELLOW DAHLIAS   60 X 50  cm oil/canvas- unfinished

I have spoken before about how strange painting is ...   I know I have said it in my book - and it is true.  For several weeks I have had ideas and - eventually got myself out of the kitchen out of the garden and into the studio - where probably I have 'tidied up'    This displacement activity is so familiar ....   I know it well - how was it possible that today - at about 3 o'clock I finally stopped myself 'walking round it'   ( as Robert says) and stopped negotiating with myself and just started ....     and two pictures are more or less done ...  and loads more to do...   now I have breached the ... blockage or dam or whatever it was, it will flow till it dries up or circumstances intervene or ...  something else stops it and another lull will take place - like fields that have to lie fallow, it is not reasonable to expect creativity to be on tap all the time!