Friday, 20 April 2012


When  I was in La Gomera I thought I would do loads of oil paintings from the sketches, iPad drawings and photos that I had amassed during our week there.    As it has turned out I have only done three and not sure I will do any more ....    being so busy getting ready for DORSET ART WEEKS  and preparing for other exhibitions has taken up so much time that the memory etc has faded.  Which is a pity, it was lovely and we were both surprised - such a varied and beautiful UNSPOILT   island - so close to the dreaded Tenerife .....     The Villa Cortes was actually in Tenerife and was where we had to wait for four hours between ferry and plane....  fortunately I had my little iPad in my bag so was able to do some drawing!

VILLA CORTES I  - that crazy hotel   oil on canvas 75 x 60 cm

VILLA CORTEZ II  - that crazy hotel    oil canvas  65 x 50 cm   unfinished state


Petra Chico La Gomera    oil on canvas     60 x 75 cm 




Wednesday, 18 April 2012


This is really a cause for celebration!  I am making my first post on the new website, AND I have just sent off all the information for our DORSET ART WEEKS invitation AND ...   I have also updated our entry on the DORSET VISUAL ARTS WEBSITE.

Hawthorne and Cow Parsley  oil on canvas 60 x 90 cm 

 I love the white blossom of these - they speak so much of rural England.   Over the years I have done many paintings of both subjects, this particular view is on the downs near Tollard Royal which I used to drive past nearly a year ago when I was visiting Johnny Bull, when he was helping me with my book, Colourscapes.


Thursday, 12 April 2012


Spring in the orchard 60 x 60cm  SOLD

Misty Melbury & Flowers 80 x 80 cm   SOLD

August Border I oil/canvas 60 X 60 cm   

I have just sent three paintings to the Minster Gallery - they seem to sell them rather quickly...  Its a lovely gallery - do go and see if you are in Winchester.  It is just opposite cathedral.

I will be changing the format of this blog and my website soon - the same old layout gets a bit boring doesn't it?   Here are some enlargements of the pictures - I think they will be a nice change..