Tuesday, 27 November 2012

HYDRANGEAS in Wimbledon.....

This painting ... which is about 30 x 35 cm is one I did at our last house in Shaftesbury ...  and Emma Moir has chosen it for a pop up exhibition she is putting on next month in Wimbledon....  

I rather like it actually...  I didnt have a photograph of it but Glen Ines of www.picturecentric.com in Shaftesbury had scanned it so it is available as a reproduction print from him or me as well ....  

Seeing it - it reminds me about painting flowers ...  I love that blue too - with the alstromeria I think ....  I shall have to buy some flowers and paint some eh?

Monday, 5 November 2012


Well, I started two new paintings today - Robert my husband always says " that's it, its finished ...  he said that with the first one - below ....   I dunnno, maybe he is right - I find it impossible to leave it when the painting underneath ( one of the road rage paintings I did a year ago) is still so strongly showing and it feels too unresolved ......!

The springhead one with reflections - he insists that I dont do anymore to it - except I am allowed to finish off the water in the bottom left ...  

Since a few post ago I have had some feedback and I really appreciate it - if you feel like commenting on this, please do .....  I dont suppose it will change what I do - but its interesting all the same, and may encourage me to look at my work differently, which is always useful...

Tall Beeches, 90 x 60cm stage 1

Tall Beeches, 90 x 60cm stage 2

Fontmell Brook at Springhead  75 x 60cm

Thursday, 1 November 2012

BEECH TREES and RED PATH 90 x 90 cm.....

This is a nearly completed painting - from a photo taken with my little iphone! this photo is also taken by my iPhone ...   when I brought the wet painting into the kitchen....   which now smells delightfully of oil paint!

Well - I just love my life...   painting is such a pleasure - and hard work of course, but I find hard work easy .....   jewish/catholic guilt probably!!!!

beech trees & red path 90 x 90 cm

I dont know if anyone reads my blogs....  I never feel as if they do - so - if you do please let me know that doing this isnt a totally useless activity, please!

I only add that because I did meet someone who admitted to reading it.  And that was Rita Yates - who is a very fine printmaker .... I will find her info and add it to my blog!

a last glass of wine and then knitting and bed!