Tuesday, 16 October 2012


I realise that it is quite a long time since I have made any posts .....      and I am delighted to be back! This new painting is linked to others I have made about trees .....   I will add them to the foot of this post.  

                                   Hills through the trees  65 x 90cm 
I am really pleased with the new crop of paintings I am working on, or have just finished.  Here is the first.     It is a group of trees I walk through on one of my lovely daily walks ....  the hills in the distance are Hambledon and Bulbarrow ....  I have Melbury on my left and this field is my ....favourite .... fantastic views all around.   It is truly beautiful.   

                                                         Trees in the snow 60 x 90 cm 

                                           Winter Trees  60 x 90 cm