Monday, 28 March 2011


We have just got back from a short visit with friends .... we spent  some of the time out drawing and painting and this is the first little sketch - unfinished at present - of a vineyard we passed in Cognac country.  We were able to stop and I did a few quick watercolour sketches which I used for this small painting.    

     MARTEL VINEYARD  25 X 35 cm  oil/canvas

I am pleased that  today I got out into the studio and made a start ... lots of ideas from this 5 day break.   And the landscape here looks so delicious too.   I have a solo show in the summer and mixed exhibitions too so it is lovely to have so much to paint about.   

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  1. Oh I like this Phyllie. Very good and confident. I wish I had space to do oils but alas... I'm up in Shasto on Monday for 11am meeting. Could we meet after that? I gotta see someone at 4 in Shaston too. Or threabouts.