Thursday, 12 April 2012


Spring in the orchard 60 x 60cm  SOLD

Misty Melbury & Flowers 80 x 80 cm   SOLD

August Border I oil/canvas 60 X 60 cm   

I have just sent three paintings to the Minster Gallery - they seem to sell them rather quickly...  Its a lovely gallery - do go and see if you are in Winchester.  It is just opposite cathedral.

I will be changing the format of this blog and my website soon - the same old layout gets a bit boring doesn't it?   Here are some enlargements of the pictures - I think they will be a nice change..


  1. What a fab new page - I can hardly wait to see more! xxx

  2. Can you send me some info about your iPad classed please?

  3. HI PHYL, been browsing your sight enjoyed. well if I was nearer Id love to join your IPAD class. Love the paintings of the garden flowers. Great endevour! wish you all succses. in your launch
    God Bles Joy

  4. Hello Darling!

    this is the first (trial) post on my new blog .... I am sure we will be coming down sometime this summer and I will give you a lesson or two! lots of love xxxxPhyllis