Monday, 25 June 2012


I have just returned from a week in Normandy with friends .... and here are some of the scribbles I made ... 

of the coast near Les Salines,    the landscape around Hambye,  and the well known calf market at Gavray with  children and  animals ( poor little things) and the sellers/buyers who showed their sensitivity to being drawn and 'recognised' but not to the vey young animals in their care .....!  

I am not an animal rights activist or a  vegetarian, I just am a person who noticed the fear in the young animals and felt both angry and sorry for the humans who had power over them  who seemed  so brutally unaware ....  one cannot ignore it, though I was very aware of the English being sentimental about animals ....  it just seemed so very LAZY  an attitude and made life more difficult for the farmers etc too...  

Here are also happy  and sketches of friends, boozy lunch under the trees etc ...   a very full and happy week... storms on the channel notwithstanding!

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