Saturday, 25 June 2011


Here are Muriel and Coco ....ready for the off ....  

  the ...  logic(sic!) behind me taking the cats is that I am hoping they will get to like this route and keep away from the roads...  I dont know why they follow me - our previous cats used to - its the breed - Burmese - wonderful ....

above  is the field  above our house ..... you can see Pen Hill in the background, and Solomon ... below you can see our house and the Blackmore Vale behind .... it is very beautiful 
round the corner   

 This is the top of an old air raid shelter I think ...  its a place where the girls like to stop and have a wash!  The field has been ploughed and there is corn just begining to appear.  In the background is Nip Mountain ( Melbury of course)
I know this post is rather mad - its back to painting tomorrow I promise ....!

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