Wednesday, 8 June 2011


This  is the cover of my new 80 page book ...  exquisitely designed by Johnny Bull -who incidently has a print in the RA summer exhibition - in the same room as our Tracey....  

Johnny Bull  Ideas •  Pictures |+44 (0)1722 718790 || |

I am so excited about the book - it is fab....  my work looks great and I am so greatful to Johnny ...    it is a real pleasure to work with someone and I have learnt a lot - about good design that I didnt know.  Simon Barber of Evolver said that there are two things an artist should not be allowed to do - take their own photos ( where he admitted I was the exception!) and design their own publicity... and to tell the truth - looking at the stuff I have happily done on my little mac before - I can see where it does not pass muster!  Oh well - more later!

I want to talk about 'mistakes'  ......

p.s.  here is the link to my book   

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  1. Good blogging, Phyllis. Haven't been here for ages, but it looks great. Good luck at Ashley and thanks for the kind words. x